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Our mission
Contribute to ensuring the integrity of your installations

About Us

MC Tech is a service company with adequate tools in corrosion, inspection, materials and training activities.

MCTech mission is to effectively contribute to the integrity of installations in the field of “Oil & Gas” and particularly those corrodible, based on standards and best practices recognized worldwide.

Its founders are known in the field for their civic actions in favor of the sector as the organization of thematic meetings of consultations and technical debates in order to anchor the rules of good practice in the fields of corrosion and materials.

They also remain receptive and attentive to any initiative in the direction of improving the technical level in both areas.

Our Services

MC-tech provides all Engineering, Laboratory, Training and On Site services required to safeguard the technical integrity and durability of industrial plants and infrastructures, with a particular focus on the Oil & Gas Industry.


Design of corrosion management systems
Audit and assessment of the performance of corrosion protection systems
Management and/or Monitoring of corrosion protection systems
Selection and assessment of the efficiency of corrosion inhibitors
Identification of active corrosion mechanisms and recommendation of mitigating actions


Détermination de la composition chimique, examen de la macro et microstructure et mesure des propriétés mécaniques, physiques et chimiques des produits métalliques et non-métalliques


Pipeline and storage tanks inspection
Component and equipment manufacturing control
Factory testing and reception
Inspection of anti-corrosion coatings


Qualifying and Certifying short course Training in corrosion, inspection and asset integrity management.

Contact Us


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