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About Us

Founded by integrating skills with over 25 years of experience and expertise in the field of corrosion control

Noureddine KADOUM founder of Techno Protection, NACE specialist who has maintained level IV for almost twenty years

Ahmed OUDGHIRI founder of Solutions Technologiques Industrielles with unrivaled experience in Algeria in the field of manufacturing and marketing of equipment and products of the cathodic protection and pipe cleaning.

MC Tech is a service company with adequate tools in corrosion, inspection, metals and training activities.

MCTech mission is to effectively contribute to the integrity of installations in the field of “Oil & Gas” and particularly those corrodible, based on standards and best practices recognized worldwide.

Its founders are known in the field for their civic actions in favor of the sector as the organization of thematic meetings of consultations and technical debates in order to anchor the rules of good practice in the fields of corrosion and metallurgy.

They also remain receptive and attentive to any initiative in the direction of improving the technical level in both areas.


Fichier 4
Cité les Vergres Bt 4 N°4
Bir Mourad Rais 16330
Alger Algérie

Tel. 213 (023) 55 09 47
Fax. 213 (023) 55 09 47